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Our Museum is an ongoing collection of natural history items found or collected by visitors and workers at the project. The collection complements the herbarium and seed collection.

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The food is mostly vegetarian and consists of beans, rice, potatoes and cabbage with local pineapples and mangoes usually available. The domestic staff will supply a simple hot meal each evening. Researchers share a kitchen and can, if they wish, cook together and organise their own food shopping. Vegetables can be bought from nearby markets at Kabango (8 km) and Masindi (37 km). The kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker, water filter and cupboards for storing food.

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BCFS Veterinary Laboratory

The BCFS Veterinary centre provides a much-needed facility to support the ongoing work of monitoring the health of the two habituated chimpanzee communities which BCFS field staff observe daily, as well as outreach facilities.

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The Budongo Conservation Field Station has basic accommodation available for research groups.  Our buildings contain several rooms with basic furniture, including a bed with mosquito net and bed linen, a reading table, and a chair.

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Sonso community

The Sonso chimpanzees have been studied continuously since 1990. This community lives near the site of a former sawmill. It is called the Sonso community after the River Sonso, which runs through its range. In mid 1998, this community numbered 53 individuals; in 2006 the number had gone up to 75. As of 2014 the estimate of its regular members numbers around 85 individuals, all identified and named and recognized by our Field Assistants.

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Cafeteria & Dining Hall

Indoor dining facilities for BCFS residents.

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Conference Room & Accommodation

Conference and accommodation facilities.

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Herbarium & Library

The project has a herbarium consisting of a collection of dried leaves of forest trees and shrubs, carefully mounted in acid-free paper folders and housed in a wooden cabinet. Each specimen has been identified and is labelled.

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The grass thatched banda is the social hub of the Budongo Conservation Field Station and used for gatherings as well as a meeting space.

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Staff Accommodation

This collection of buildings, in a horseshoe formation, is used for staff accommodation.

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  • Fred Babweteera - BCFS Director
  • Geoffrey Muhanguzi - BCFS Field Station Manager
  • Zephyr Kiwedde - BCFS Administrator

Main Office

This building houses the main office for BCFS as well as  accommodation facilities.

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Car Port

Shelter for the BCFS vehicles.

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Explore our interactive field station map! Click on the hot spots to find out more about the camp facilities and chimpanzee communities around the field station.

History Of Budongo

The BCFS was founded by Dr Vernon Reynolds in 1990. At that time it was called the Budongo Forest Project.

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Where is Budongo

The Budongo Forest is a moist, semi-deciduous tropical rain forest located at the top of the Albertine Rift in Uganda.

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